We are proud to announce that Sienna Pediatric Dentistry is one of few dental offices in the Greater Houston Area to use the Solea Laser. This technology can minimize or even eliminate the need for local anesthetic injections as well as the use of the traditional dental drill for fixing cavities.

The Solea is a revolutionary CO2 laser developed by Convergent Dental. It utilizes advanced computers to generate a unique wavelength that allows for painless, vibrationless, and minimally invasive removal of hard and soft tissue. Because of this, a significant amount of treatment can be performed without injections. In addition, the potentially frightening sound and feeling of the drill can often times be completely avoided.

As experienced Solea-certified providers, Dr. Howe and Dr. Weil utilize the most modern dental technology to deliver the very best dental care in a way that keeps your child comfortable, avoiding the fear triggers and pain that can potentially lead to a traumatic experience.

If your child needs a cavity fixed, they can often times immediately return to school or activities without any numbness, resulting in little disruption in the day or concerns about eating.

Solea dentistry is also far less invasive than using a traditional drill. We are able to conserve as much as tooth structure as possible, which can be a difficult task when utilizing the traditional dental drill.

For soft tissue procedures such as frenectomies or gingivectomies, there is little to no bleeding post-operatively, no need for sutures, and allows for  a reduction in healing time.

The powerful Solea laser is a pain-free and quiet solution to the common fears about dental office. With our advanced technology, expert technique, and the unique experience we provide, Dr. Howe and Dr. Weil are able to take care of your child’s oral health in the most comfortable way possible.

Dental technology changes rapidly, and it is important to make sure your pediatric dentist is using the most modern equipment that allows for the best possible experience.


­Laser Frenectomies & Tongue Tie Treatment

Tongue tie, or ankloglossia, is a condition that restricts the movement of the tongue when an unusually tight, short, thick band of tissue anchors the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This condition is usually present at birth and can prevent good latch during breast or bottle feeding causing difficulty at feeding time.

In older children, tongue tie can cause speech and eating problems. The Solea dental laser can be used to treat this condition in a very short, in-office procedure that often does not require injections. The procedure can be done on newborns, infants and older children alike. The laser frenectomy for the treatment of tongue tie is sometimes done in conjunction with a licensed, experienced lactation consultant or speech therapist.


Making Dentistry Safer with Solea

Solea is not only our way of keeping you happy, but also keeping you and our staff healthy. Solea helps reduce the risk of virus and bacteria transmission by significantly reducing the amount of splatter and aerosols created during dental procedures. This means there are fewer particles floating in the air that could potentially carry germs and viruses.

Watch the below video to see the Solea difference!

solea machine

What is Solea?

Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures. It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts by Convergent Dental, based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry. Solea offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavity prep to complex surgeries. Not only is the laser virtually painless, it is also vibrationless and noiseless. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at a dental appointment.

Why Solea?

The majority of hard- and soft-tissue procedures in our office are done with no anesthesia, and soft-tissue procedures are done with virtually no bleeding. Blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represent a major leap forward in dentistry, as we are able to execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings on the fly, and soft-tissue procedures in a single appointment. What does that mean for you, our patient? You are now able to receive the care you need in a fraction of the time—and pain—you were accustomed to from traditional drills. Solea is also far less invasive than using a traditional handpiece, which makes healing time following a procedure much shorter. When patients have anesthesia they typically leave the office with that numb feeling still prevalent. With Solea, you are able to go right out to lunch or back to work without that numb sensation following your appointment. Solea is truly changing what it means to go to the dentist.

For more information on Solea, please visit convergentdental.com.

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